OFFICINA ARTISTICA, born in 2020, is a brand that moved its first steps into leather craft products, then they created men’s total look with an important focus on knitwear.

With the new creative direction, OFFICINA ARTISTICA addresses a different message to new generations, pushing them not to lose hope and to trust in future, progress, and new accessibility of the brands. The proposal of the brand is characterized by total looks with thoroughly modern cuts and styling, and by items for various night and day occasions, constantly updated thanks to the drops inside the seasons. The main inspiration of OFFICINA ARTISTICA comes from a particular attention to Millennials and Generation Z and their daily activities, with a curiosity towards the modern and the unisex, meant as no gender, and with an inspirational taste travelling in the past between 80s and 90s. The keywords of the brand, leading the project of every collection, are “modernity” and “experimentation”.

Who is the user of OFFICINA ARTISTICA brand?

He/she is between the ages of 20-40 years old and actively lives the city life in a professional and social way. He/she considers the diversity as a strength and has a determined personality.

The user of the brand loves experiencing himself and embraces important social and environmental issues, like the green.

As a matter of fact, all the suppliers chosen for fabrics are green friendly and respect the “Global Recycled Standard” demanded to be considered eco-friendly.

The headquarter in Milan is intensively working on several projects and collaborations, thanks to a great and passionate team.

The recent chapter of OFFICINA ARTISTICA brand is about the settlement of Vincenzo Civita as Creative Director in September 2022.

Born in 1993 in Puglia, Italy, the designer attended the renowned Marangoni Institute in Milan, specializing in Fashion Design. Thanks to his passion and his very successful academic results, he cooperates straight away with a magazine, participating to every fashion shows as a critic.

He starts his professional career as assistant for the first Gucci collection by Alessandro Michele. Then he joins the creative team of Giambattista Valli, until Dondup englobes and entrusts him the direction of both lines of the brand.

He continues his creative path by embracing the couture vision with commercial cuts, leading to the launch and success MVP Wardrobe brand.