OFFICINA ARTISTICA, founded in 2020, is a brand that took its first steps by creating handcrafted leather products, to then design and produce men’s total looks with an important focus on knitwear.

The recent chapter of the OFFICINA ARTISTICA brand sees the appointment of VINCENZO CIVITA as creative direction of the brand in September 2022.
With OFFICINA ARTISTICA a different message emerges aimed mainly at the new generations who must not lose hope and faith in the future, in progress and in the new usability of brands.

The brand’s proposal wishes to be characterized by a total look of indissoluble modernity in cuts and styling, garments for the most varied daytime and evening occasions, offered in continuous updating thanks to the release drops within the seasons.
The main inspiration of OFFICINA ARTISTICA comes from a particular attention towards Millennials and Generation Z and their daily activities, with an eye and curiosity towards the modern and unisex, understood as no gender, and with an inspirational taste that travels in the past among the volumes of the 80s/90s. The key words of the brand, which guide the design of each collection, are, in fact, “modernity and experimentation”.
The brand’s consumer loves to experiment with himself and embraces important social and environmental issues, such as green. In fact, the suppliers chosen for the fabrics have a green-friendly approach and respect the “Global Recycled Standards” required in order to be considered sustainable.